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This is guaranteed to work.
1) Brush your teeth with Sensodyne toothpaste.
2) Put Gly-Oxide on your tooth and let it sit for 2 minutes - spit and repeat for another 2 minutes. This will hurt but it will clean the infection causing the pain.
3) Take a shot of Whiskey (prefer Jack Daniels) and hold it in your mouth for about 2 minutes. It will kill the nerve.
4) Find someone who can give you some amoxicillin (family of friend might have some left over).

The pain is probable cause by an infection. The Gly-Oxide is an Antiseptic Oral Cleanser that will kill the infection. You can find it at any Pharmacy (CVS & RiteAid) but they put it in unusual places in the store so you might have to ask for it.

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Taking left over antibiotics is NOT a good idea. Only a full course will really treat an infection. Anything less can just make the bacteria resistant.


yes you are right about the must be sure they are not allergic to penicillin. the rest of the remedy is an excellant idea!especially if the jack kills the nerve!!! if not, just drink the whole botle of jd and u will feel much better and forget about the toothache!!! UNTIL MORNING THAT IS! LOL!


i have to say the whisky works ,clean your mouth brushing ,plus mouth wash ,then put the whisky in your mouth hold it or tilt it on the tooth hold for as long as possible ,then spit or swallow, i have tryed oragel and it only work for a few min. and the pain is worse when it wears off.


I am sure the amoxicillian works great... unless you are allergic.

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