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Myself and my 3 kids stayed at a friends hotel room one day and night. well given it was one of the first warm enough days of the year and the pool was heated, we spent way to much time at the pool. I put sunblock on the kids before we went and once about 1hr and 1/2 after being there but my 9yr old son's back got well over burnt. being that we had no vehicle and no store within walking distance, I did the only thing I could think of, I looked in to our mini fridge and the only thing in there was mayo from lunch. I slathered the mayo on his back and took a wet towel that had been set on the ac unit to make it cold and let's just say he was asleep within minutes. I don't know why this worked but I wish I would have thought of it 2hrs before when he started crying.

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Dr. C, Eldredge

The mayo was a horrible idea, because its thick it will keep heat in instead of letting it out. I don't know why u would think of mayo?? That's common sense... it was in fact the cold towel that help relieve the pain. So for a 'heads up' in the future if your kids or anyone around you suffers from a catostrophic burn (60%) or more, and 2nd degree or worst, and u decide to put mayo or any type of thick butter substance, you will do them serious harm or could be fatal and u would be at fault.


i too agree that the mayo was a horrible idea. it holds the heat in and can cause the burn to get worse


Desperate times call for desperate measures & as a mother of 3 there's nothing more heart wrenching as the cries of a child that can't be comforted. GOOD JOB MOMMY!!!


Actually, I Think You Did A Good Thing. I'm Only 12. I Have A Sun Burn, And I Think I Would've Done The Same Thing If I Were In That Position. Kids Hate Being Burnt. We Don't Care What You Have To Do To Get Rid Of It. I'll Try That, Thanks. :)


Mayo being made of fat could have caused the burn to get worse (speaking as a nurse). I would not do this again, and stick to the cold rag instead. It was a good try though. In the future, never put anyting oil/fat based on a burn, it causes the burn to continue to 'cook' the skin.

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