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I've found draining to control it for the most part. When it swells up and starts draining on it's own or is softened up, pop it and drain out the excess with your finger or whatever you choose to squeeze on the infected area. I have a bad tooth on the bottom right and it infects the outside part of my gum line causing visible swelling, it's a bit embarrassing. When I experience inflammation in this area I drain and clean a lot and usually in a few day it'll go down and away for quite some time. Seems that exercise or heavy activity irritates it, I don't know why it happens this way. Also if it's clean enough you can use some temporary filler (temperin) to keep it from being exposes which is very painful! I don't experience too much pain, but I worry it'll get bad before I can afford to get it pulled or filled. The tea bag remedy will take the pain away and it'll help drain it. I use a dry green tea bag, seems to draw the infection out.

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Thank you for this post. It really helped me in deciding what to do about my tooth. Thanx

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