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VINEGAR!!! VINEGAR!!!! The pain was Unbearable, antibiotics hadn't kicked in, and from reading these posts, I tried Vinegar and Immediately it worked. I was able to sleep when before I couldn't even move my head. Once again, Vinegar

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what do you do with it?


did you pore some in your ear? or drink it?


I just took two tablespoons full of Apple Cider Vinegar along with two aspirin and still haven't felt anything and it's been about 15 minutes. Earlier I tried peroxide in the ear and it helped, but when I used it again it didn't help. It kept it at bay for maybe half an hour but it still hurt. Vinegar is good for you but it didn't work for me.


Does normal vinigar work just as well


It does work...vinegar that is.
Don't make it complicated because it isn't.
Simply use any household vinegar, douse a swab of cotton ball or even kleenex with it; hold into the ear canal...gently, and squeeze until you feel your ear canal fill up. Of course keep your head tilted. It will seep into the built up wax and even though iut may take a few tries, it will reduce the build up. You might need to repeat as needed.
I also found that Hydrogen Pyroxide works well kind of fizzles away any wax build up. If you have an infection then forget these remedies. They are for ear aches...not infections. Hope my spelling was OK, God Bless.


What if the Vinegar hurts my ear really bad?? Is that normal?


Will it hurt?


My ear had been hurting for the past three days. Im pretty sure my earache was sinus/ allergy related, but nevertheless, the pain was cured with some apple cider vinegar.

I soaked a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar, squeezed it in my ear (head turned sideways resting on a pillow) letting it pool up and sit for about 3 minutes.

It didn't hurt, just the cider was a little cold. After about three minutes, I walked with my head turned sideways to the sink and dumped it out. Left my ear alone for the night and woke the next day with almost no pain!

Great home remedy. Thanks!


If you have an infection use the vinegar drops in the ear first to help kill the infection then use a couple drops of oil..oil of your choosing but olive is good. The oil helps sooth and helps infection and build up of wax and debris loosen and flow out of your ear.So please put a cotton ball or something in your ear to help contain the mess. DON'T use hydrogen is water based and will make you ear feel worse at first but will end up leaving more water in your ear and cause the infection to get worse.


My ear has water inside first I put alcohal and viniger in my ear then I it didnt work so I sticked a little blue tube in my ear to take water out but insted I started bleeding ...its been six days and im really worried what do I do

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