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I've had RLS for many years. It is a horrible disease. The freaky feeling and jumping legs can make you feel like you are going crazy. I've been on Mirapex for years. It offers some relief, but does not eliminate the problem. If I'm late with or miss a does, life is unbearable. My physician told me that RLS is a neurological disease most likely related to an imbalance of either seratonin or dopamine. So many people don't understand the suffering that those of us with RLS experience. Many say it's all in our head. Those people are insensitive jerks. I don't know how to prevent of calm our problem, but I wish everyone luck with whatever remedy works for them.

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I have had RLS for years as like most of the people posting on this site.YES, if you haven't ever experienced it you have no clue as what misery it imposes. A Dr friend of mine tried to put me on a regiment of pill 7 years ago that I can't remember the name of. I told him I didn't want to take pills all the time. He then prescribed Clonazapam (generic for Trileptal). It is a take as needed medication that works within 20 minutes. Life is now good. I can sleep. I do no that alcohol plays a major factor in enhancing the effects of RLS. No drink, no RLS. At least for me. Others I have talk to say the same. Damn, I like my beer. Clomazapam will cost you about $2.80 per month with OK insurance.


I see a neurologist and he has been the best investment for my RLS. MD's seem to not have a grip on this as much. I have had RLS since around 20 and am now 54. Over the years its gotten worse. I am on dopamines and they are a blessing. My neurologist took me off cafiene (a hard one) and what a difference!He also added slow release iron to my diet. If I am stuck between meds. kicking in...i get in the garden tub filled with warm water...and let my limbs float.


I fought seeing a neurologist for a long time because I do not like taking pills. After trying iron supplements, vitamin E supplements, and eliminating alcohol and caffeine from my diet, taking hot baths, trying various stretches and a foot/calf massager (all these measures did help greatly), my symptoms got worse as time went on. I finally broke down and went to a neurologist 5 years ago and am now taking Klonopin; however, I've had to increase my dosage over the years for it to remain effective (started with .5 mg and now taking 1.5 mg and may have to increase again). Staying away from alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, sugar, potatoes, white rice, pasta, white bread, and anything breaded helps me a lot, but does not eliminate symptoms entirely. Which is why I now take medication ... it is the only way I can get sleep. I didn't break down and see a doctor until I was pretty much getting almost no sleep at all for a long time due to RLS. I'm thankful for the medication, but getting moderate exercise (walking, biking or elyptical trainer for me), and staying away from the triggers mentioned above are very important to minimize symptoms as well. The condition is hereditary in my family (my mom and grandmother have it). I didn't understand the condition until I developed it later in life (I think it started in my 30's, but didn't reach the point of total misery and sleeplessness until my 40's). It does feel like a curse, and a person could never understand how bad it can affect your life unless they've experienced it themselves for a number of years and trying so many different things to relieve the agony. The same goes for migraines ... another miserable condition I started suffering from beginning a few years ago. Even though RLS is not painful, for me it is just as miserable and affects my quality of life as bad as migraines. Unfortunately, both conditions are worsening as I age. I'm finding it to be increasingly important to stick to a strict diet. I've splurged on chocolate, desserts, white bread and potatoes over the last couple months because of numerous special occasions, vacation, eating out, etc. and am now severely paying for it. Today, I tried a combination nutritional supplement of calcium citrate with magnesium and vitamin D along with a low dose (99mg) of potassium citrate and it seems to be helping so far (I had a terrible episode last night because I took Excedrin - has caffeine in it -- for a migraine headache). So I took a double dose of each supplement and it relieved my symptoms very well and I was able to take a nap. I'm going to continue to take the recommended dosages and hopefully it will help me overcome this recently bad episode. For all of you with RLS, I understand your misery ... it seems like a constant battle to keep it under control.

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