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Ok..look up outbreaks for months, they say a cure, not a 100 percent sure,..another solution is to drink water with high PH levels. You can get this at whole foods or other health food stores..Your body is 70 percent water and bottled water, tap water etc is just keeping your body sick. Get akalized water and high Ph Levels usually above 8..another remedy I just heard of is BHT. I havent tried it, Im doing great, but you can do your research as well. Well wishes to you all.

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Have you actually used this? It scares me because it says 'as seen on tv' and that usually means its fake bs. I think I have herpes but have been infected with it in the past week. 2 days after intercourse, i got the signs. I'm willing to spend the money on quick clear if it actually works...

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