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Put a wash cloth on your forehead. Apply an ice pack on top of the wash cloth. Then take an ace bandage and wrap it around your head tightly securing the ice pack. Lay down in a dark room and nap for 30 minutes. The ice pack and pressure will ease the pain. The nap will relax you and alleviate the migraine.

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Although many women's migraines are hormonal and may need more attention such as medication, this is a great remedy for one who has not had migraines often. I do get migraines frequently, but I have chosen not to go through the medication route. I take a hot shower or bath to relax me enough to lay down in darkness and quiet. Along with the ice pack this IS a great remedy. I have found that sleep in general helps a great deal so ladies no matter what is going on in your life, especially during your period, get as much sleep as possible at night and if possible take even a ten minute nap whenever you can.

Karen - Seattle

I have to concur, as a migraine sufferer, it seems that your body almost inately wants that hot shower and warm compress. I've been known to take 6 hot showers in a day... Its good to hear others who do the same, I thought I was just weird. Also, sleep is probably one of the most important do's as well. While I can't always sleep, its still imperative that I relax in dark/quiet.


I happened upon this website and its comforting to read stories from other migraine suffers. i am 25 and have been getting migraines since i was 10. each year they get less frequennt but more severe. i also suffer from cluster migraines so when i get one its usually followed by one or 2 more. i ahve found that a hot shower (not so much a bath though) helps greatly. it doesnt take the pain away but it is one of the few things that relax me. i also spray my pillows with lavender which is supposed to relax your senses and is calming.


Have black tea with mint leaves and little drops of lime and sit in relax position close ur eyes take a deeep breth it will work out very fast



For pimpls keep ur face clean use, mild soap EX:baby soap and saprate towel for ur self,wash ur face five times atleast,don't take tenssion,have lots of water,and orange juce,have lots of olives,
MASK:Take orange peel skin dry it and make powder.take one spoon pw and make paste by adding water apply on ur face leave for 25 minutes & wash
2)take one tsp curd little blakpepper crush & mix with curd apply only on spot leave 15 minute and wash
3)take 1tsp musterd pw add few drops of water and apply on spot wash it after 15 minute
MEDICINE:clindac ontment is good for pimples.

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