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I don't know if what I am now having now is ring worm. I had this before. It is a worm like something that zigzag under the skin. I visited my GP and I was giving all kind of anti-fungal cream that really made things worse. The itch is really bad. The area does not hurt but whatever is under there kept moving and leaving a zigzag trail and it itch terribly. At first I thought it was an insect bite, because that is what it felt like. It got so bad that I suggested to my doctor that the area needs to be opened so to scrape what ever was bothering me out.Tthen my mum sow it and recommended cola nut as the cure. She sent for cola nut broke part of it and chew it and then spate it to the area affected. I suddenly felt a cool calm and within five minute the itching has stop. This procedure was repeat 3 times is the day. 3 days after I started seeing sign of cure. I was so relieved. Three years has gone by and I have this same thing appearing on the skin again. This time round the cola nut seem to only sooth it but not curing it. The doctors don't seems to have any remedies either, so I called on my mum for advice. She recommended normal fluoride based toot paste. I apply it and immediately started feeling some relieve. 24 hours is gone and I am still itching only to soothe it with the toothpaste. So I decided to combine the tooth paste and the cola nut together and slap it on the affected area religiously and it seems to be working. I will let you know how it does in a few days time. But what a combination. I also want to know if anyone knows about cola nut. I know it is used widely in West Africa. it is usually chewed, and it is said to keep the stomach free of worms as well energising the body.

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What you are describing does not sound like ringworm. Contrary to it's name, ringworm is a fungus, not a worm. It's a red, itchy, rash that is often round and more red around the edges. What you are describing sounds like scabies which is a parasite or skin lice and requires a different treatment entirely.


sounds like you got scabies it will zig zag there a flea like bug that burrow through your skin leaving a trail of bumps kinda making your skin look like a road map I've heard people call it fleas for humans you can only get rid of it with a pesticide cream it's only available with a prescription that will get rid of it in about a week a repeat treatment maybe needed depending how bad it is


u might have a type of hook worm... did u get scratched by a cat r something?? i heard of a vet that got scatched by a sick cat that had cat-hook worms and the vet ended up getting it and it like grew just under her skin


google images of hook worms in humans theres pics of hook worms in the skin and they make a trail that looks zigzag and squigaly. (ps if my spellings wrong dont blame me im only 12)


Sounds like you have hookworm. I contracted it while in Jamaica, must have stepped on some sand that had been contaminated with feces from someone infected with hookworm. This grows to be a big parasite that attaches to your intestine and takes your nutrients. For a cure, go to an infectious disease doctor and get an antiparasitic medicine. Kills the parasite with a single dose. Look on the internet at pictures. You can actually feel it moing through your skin


it sounds like you definitely have scabies. it leaves a zigzag behind and can only be treated with antibiotics.


yeah, that's scabies, that shit is hard to kill too.. buy the cream, put it on, exactly as doctor instructed. it's contagious too, so try to get the doctor to prescribe more if possible, in case anyone close to you might have caught it, or in case it makes a reappearance (definitely possible from personal experience)


It's definitely not ringworm, but most likely you have a hook worm or scabies infestation. The only cure I know of is available by prescription only. I've had patients with scabies and they had the same symptoms you described.


this is NOT scabies. Scabies causes tiny red bumps in patches, not zig zags. AND scabies is a mite, that can be cured by the same types of treatments as lice (dog flea shampoo, lice chemicals, or maybe rubbing alcohol fuming or vasaline suffication) (I used dog shampoo for mine) and this sounds instead like hookworm.... google it...

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