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I forgot the website I read this on but what eased and eventually stopped my gallbladder pain was warm PEAR SAUCE.

I bought 10 pears peeled them (they were not organic) cored and cut them up and cooked them in water until soft about 20 to 40 min. I let them cool and had a bowl of warm cooked pears in their juices. What a relief.

This stopped the initial pain.

I am still recovering and being careful with my diet. I have warm organic apple juice with apple cider vinegar, lots of water with some lemon juice throughout the day. I read apples break up stones in the gallbladder.

It is still the PEARS that keep the pain away. Canned pear may work, I would make sure they are warm.

Good Luck Everyone.

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Great value brand pears from Walmart in 100% fruit juice work just as well and they don't need to be warm to do the job. It just needs to be pears. I wouldn't use pears in any kind of syrup, just juice. I have done this for years. I just wish I understood why it works. My husband is an E. R. Doctor. He has seen it work for me at home.

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