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Ok this is an amazing remedy for sun burns for the short term and long term effects < firs use vinigar apple cider vinegar there is much more nutrients in it. Then take a couple table spoons of CHIA seed either whole seeds or you can grind them up in a blender pour water and squizze a lime ( high vitamin c) into a bowl with the seeds and le it jell fr 10 minutes< you want a jelly like consitensy< then smooth it over the sunburn and leave it on. it will relieve< rebuild and get your skinn feelin better than it did befor you got the burn, . Chia seed is really high in omega and has a really high level of anti oxidents witch he skin obsorbs and will gaurd your skin cells and kill free radicals witch damage the cells and may lead to cancer, fr long term. i recomend this and your skin will be smiling and happy.

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