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Hi guys,

Firstly I totally sympathise with everyone going through this. Im lucky enough to live in the UK where I get free dental treatment so I feel the need to share some tips with you guys especially in the US who cant afford it. (God knows I wouldnt be able to)

Currently up at 4.25am with my second absess, its actually inside the tooth so Im unable to get at it.

Something that wasnt mentioned too much on this site, is something that I do which I dont know how Id live without when this pain comes.

For instant short term relief (Like 2 minutes but at this point 5 seconds would be enough!)

Get some cold (not fridge cold just normal cool water) and swish it around the infected tooth, the first time you do this you may feel extra pain but believe me just keep going and you will get instant relief!

I always keep a bottle of water next to me just so I can do it when the pain comes. If you dont already know this secret I do not know how you have survived.

I also find brushing my teeth helps and swishing some listerine around the tooth. Also I dip a flosette in some listerine and floss between the infected teeth. That eases the pain for a bit longer than the water but not by that much!

Currently trying to teabag method... It seems to be making the pain a tiny bit more barable but not quite im gonna take it out now and go back to the water!

Good luck guys!

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Tried the swishing water suggestion and it does work immediately but doesn't last but just a few minutes.

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