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I caught a nasty case of ringworm on a trip to Cancun. I tried OTC antifungal meds for 2 weeks and at first they really helped cool the burning and itching, but on the 13th day it came back with a vengeance. So hit google and did some serious research and what I found that has cured me in 5 days is this: (1 - Absorbine Jr. and (2 - Pure tea Tree Oil. Now the location of my ringworm made curing it a challenge. It was on the upper part of my anus on the skin between the scrotum and the hole of the anus. I know it sounds both funny and horrifying at the same time, and believe me it was. I've never felt such a burning sensation before and wiping was agony. So after reading several sites my therapy was Absorbine Jr. morning and night and tea tree oil at noon. I would also use baby powder after to keep the area as dry as possible. The results were amazing. Within 24 hours the symptoms were almost completely gone. I kept using it for an additional 6 days just to make sure it was eradicated. I did not want it coming back. I will tell you that using Absorbine Jr. and tee tree oil on this area of the body isn't the most comfortable thing even without ringworm, but the reward was well worth it. If you have it anywhere else on your body I don't imagine it would be as bid a deal. I would highly recommend Spring Valley Pharmaceutical Grade Tea Tree Oil 2 fl oz from Wal-Mart for $8. It's powerful stuff. Either one of these may have cured it on its own, but I wanted to give it both barrels because I was so miserable. Good luck and I hope it helps.

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Medz 4rm RoSCoE BlvD

My boy..... Listen here my boy, use a fool thinkin you can cure taint n nut sac herpes with tea tree oil.... Yous funny though that made me piss my troussers


I tied the tea tree oil and it worked very well on my ring worm. it was over in three days all i did was apply it to the affected areas three times a day and it was over!

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