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just wanted to let people know my story about 2 years ago i got really bad scabs either sides of my lips and was given strong antibiotics and loads of difrennt creams and told to douse my lips in vasaline which i did every now and again it would return not as bad just red marks that look really ugly anyway recently i was useing alo vera vasaline but wasnt doing very much good and if you have this u will be aware of the constant burning thats just awful however i found a new vasaline called the little soothing tin in superdrug that has a menthol ingridient and cooling been using it now for about a week and its cleared up for now i also have been taking sanatogen a-z vitamins and eating plenty of green veg and smoothies also been using carmex lip balm too hope u find this usefull and it works for u god knows its a horrible thing to have

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I tried all those as well. Doctors,Antibiotics, creams, Vaseline etc. Finally I bought regular old chapstick in the black tube. It's thick and doesn't melt off like Vaseline. I have been clear of symptoms for 2 weeks now.


I definitely can confirm that 'The Little Soothing Tin' from Supadrug works. It's got petroleum jelly, lanolin, camphor, menthol, cocoa butter, vitamin E, lemon oil, cinnamon oil in it. And it's only £1.50. It definitely works. I tried lots of other things, with no success - whereas within 2 days of applying it 3 or 4 times a day the AC was gone. Amazing. Thanks for the tip. xx


You see this shit will go away and then it comes back. I have delt with this fo 2 years now. Im going crazy here


hi every1 im the person who posted this tip what ive now found is the little soothing tin is no longer avaliable from superdrug so i use carmex the one in the tube is better than the tin in my opinion i also take a 3 month course of sanatogen a-z multivitamins and just slather carmex on all the time it seems to help but doesnt 100% cure the problem and if i have nothing my lips get very dry but it keeps the cracks and redness away and thats good enough for me gud luck guys

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