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All I got to say is URINE!!!

I know, it sounds disgusting, but it works. I've had chronic athlete's foot majority of my life. The medications don't work very much, and I've very impatient.

Idea: when you're taking a shower, pee on your affected foot/feet. It'll stop the problem, and then you can immediately rinse it off, then clean it.

If you want more effective way of doing it, pee on the affected foot/feet, let it settle on you, then turn on the water then clean yourself.

By the way, I hope your drain works well.

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Try Again

That's a bunch of BS if I've EVER heard it! Sorry people-that's just a myth!


AAAa a an n d d you have tried it? Right?


That may be good if you are male lol
What about girls??? I can imagine the aiming in the shower lol


I'm a girl and a friend of mine had really bad feet and a person from the military told them to do it and he did. It works, I also had rough feet, and itched at times, not athletes feet just rough and now they are soft. It sounds awful but it works. Hey they say you can drink it if you have to survive, just twice though the third time can kill you. My brother had it real bad and meds. did nothing for him. I wish I new about it before he passed away. Anyway try it no one will know unless you tell them, then after it works you can. It's only pee it won't hurt you. I'm sure every ones been pe'ed on before, by a child any way. Oh Urine will also help the sting of a jelly fish, (if you ever get stung), until you can get to a doctor. That you hope some one is around to pee on you. FACT>>> :)


I have not tried this but am familiar with Homeopathy which basically means treat like with like. What ever is the problem, an extremely concentrated amount of same will rid you of it. Think Anti Venom or vaccines. So your body has the fungus and your urine has a concentrated amount of it as well.


Fresh urine is totally aseptic. No bacteria can survive. If you cut a one gallon plastic milk container 2 inch deep enough to cover your toes, use bleach or urine, is your strapped for cash do it daily for 5 minutes while u blow dry u hair, `shave and brush your teeth. done 2 weeks of that sayonarah athletes foot.

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