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Wearing nothing on your foot, pull your big toe backward and run your finger along the arch of your foot. You should feel a tendon there that is pulled tight (because your big toe is flexed backward). If you have a headache, massage up and down the length of that tendon (with the big toe flexed backward) and you should get some relief from the headache, or it may take it away completely. This doesn't always take my headaches away, but it does always give me at least a little relief. Using peppermint oil on your fingertips when doing this massage will help, also.

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I had a really bad headache and had a class less than 30 mins from time to b in class... I started rubbing and drinking water and it worked.. Thanx (: hope it works for others


Have been suffering with a headache for over a week now, tryed rubbing my foot and the pain has easied off. THANK YOU!


WOW I was a little skeptical about this. It went away almost immediately. I still have a little headache but only when I whip my head really fast and hard... *that's what she said*


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I have had this headache for 4 days now added the peppermint and was gone instantly!!


What is Peppermint oil? Can snake oil be used as a substitute?


It did not work for me..... however i ate a piece of pepermint candy and it eased off a little

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