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B mac

Ive had this nasty ear infection for 2 weeks now and it wont go away until came across this.

-take a garlic clove
-place in infected ear
-use band aid to hold in ear
-give it a couple of hrs or how ever long pain goes away.

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does the garlic clove get stuck???
i have a horrible earache caused by a head cold i have had for a week and i really need to get rid of this earache!


im gonna have to try this.


OR ... simply crush a clove of garlic, place in a small pan on the stove and cover with about a 1/4 cup olive oil. Heat over a slow flame or on low heat then when it's cool enough not to burn you, put in your ear. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. This should works wonders. Even better if you add some dried or fresh-wilted mullein to the oil before you start heating it.


i just did it. thanks! the itching went away after a minute or two.


so do you put the galic in the ear canal or just outside...and if mincing it and doing it with olive you drain just the garlic and put that in or a few drops of just the juices from the garlic and olive oil???


Do NOT put garlic in your infected ear, I did this and it made the pain 10 times worse - a friend then told me to put Vicks behind my ear and down my throat on that side and within minutes the pain at dulled, then went to sleep with more vicks and a heating pad and in the morning I was almost pain free and the ear was not as plugged - I was much better.


An earache may occur with a variety of other symptoms depending on the underlying disease, disorder or condition.
Earache remedies


I am a believer and huge fan of the garlic clove remedy. Take a clove of fresh garlic, peel it and take a small piece (not so small that it could get stuck in the ear) wrap it in one square of toilet tissue and put it in the opening of the ear. The fumes and juices from the garlic are natural antibiotics and anti-viral (if I remember my readings correctly). I don't suffer from ear aches or infections but my children sometimes do and this is always my first step in treatment. I just put the garlic in the ear at bedtime and cover it with a bandaid so it doesn't fall out overnight. 9 times out of 10 they feel noticeably better the next morning.


This worked for my son but it hasn't worked for myself:(

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