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I have been suffering from GH since I was a 15 year old little girl. So for 15 years now I have had to deal with something that is no ones fault! It happened and there is no changing the course of events that led up to it either. My first outbreak was so severe as many of you will know and understand..and I ended up being hospitalized due to severe dehydration, as I was so scared to drink anything, cause the pain when I peed was so extreme. I ended up getting a cathader put in to help with the pain when i urinated. This is an extreme case I guess, as I have never heard of anyone else being hospitalized with herpes! I have come to realize in the last 15 years that we are not alone, and should not feel ashamed about a skin infection. The stigma that surrounds people with an infection like this is terrible, but remember 1 in 4 people have the herpes simplex virus. It affects more people then you think. I know it may be hard for some of you out there who are new suffers to this virus...but if I can pass on any wisdom to you,it is this 'always tell your partner that you have herpes' People respect the fact that you care about them enough to try and protect them, and they will only love you more for your honesty! Your life is not over, and neither is your sexual life! Protecting others is the number one way to prevent this infections from being so prevalent in our society! Your not dirty, and your not diseased. Do we look at the common cold or flu sufferers in such a way? No we dont, but in all reality its a virus that made them sick also! Hold your head up and educate yourself, to protect yourself and your partner! In my opinion, based on years over reaccurent OB, the best possible thing is keep your immune system strong, and your body healthy. Drink PLENTY OF WATER, as your urine can become very acidic and makes peeing harder and more painful. The reccomnded sits baths kind of defeat the purpose, as we want or OB to dry up, and go away! Aviod moisture to the area, and after you have a shower or pee use a fan if at all possible to further dry it out! But keeping the area dry and clean is key! If your home environment allows it, be naked as much as possible cause the air is your best friend! For woman avoid tampons, as they cause reacurent outbreaks, and no thong underwear...both cause a lot of friction and an OB will ensue! White Cotton panties are best as it allows skin to breath. I believe vitamin C, and E are great helps, as Vitamin C helps to shorten the duration of an OB, and Vitamin E help to aid the skin in healing. Tee tree oil is a good option for drying out the sores but I would reccomend diluting it with water as it is a very strong antiseptic and might cause burning, again dry out the area after cleaning! Dont scratch!! Whatever you do as that will only open the sores up and cause infection to other areas of the body. Herpes can become reaccurant in the peri area, hands, face, eyes etc...mucus membranes are at a higher wash hands throughly after applying any treatments, ointments etc. Get plenty of rest, and avoid stress (easier said then done ) avoid long nights of partying and try and establish good sleep help the immune system stay strong! Now here is another one for woman out there (sorry guys I speak from experience) this will sound crazy, but get a clove of raw garlic, and tie a piece of dental floss around it tightly, leaving a dangeling string much like a tampon, insert the garlic clove into the vagina and let it remain there over night (not to be done during an outbreak) This is a preventative measure to be done periodically, that I swear by as garlic has some of the most powerful anti-viral properties none to man, that beats any pharmacutical drug on the market. For the guys and girls...chop and swallow one garlic pearl, with water 2x daily to reap the in the healing properties! I promise it works! Take care of your bodies, and remember that your body is a temple..what ever you put in it (no pun intended) can have good or bad reactions, from drugs, to booze, pills, and processed, or high sugar foods. The more natural healthy lifestyle you can adopt will lead to less and less OB, and who knows...maybe one day you will be OB free as it can happen! One love, and keep your chin up, and your head held high...your just as normal as everyone else in this crazy world!
Cheers, J9 P.S-WEAR A CONDOM!! :)

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I feel a little better after reading your posting, tomorrow I will go to an std clinic, my ex told me she was diagnosed with genital herpes.. She has no outbreaks.. Nothing at all.. I got clusters,, juts in case.. I have avoided sex and women for over 9 months.. I don't have medical insurance. I decided till I know what I have to take care of my body, go to the gym, take lysine pills, and be stress free as much as I can.. Thanks for your story


hey!!! felt a lot better after reading ur article i came to know about my disease last year and since then i've not had sex. i myself was hospitalised due to severe pain while peeing. i,ve always avoided everythin related to herpes,i was never ready to face it, maybe still not. reading ur article makes a whole lot better. and i now really want to do somethin about it and take care of myself. do let me know anythin more that i could do other than the suggestions written above.


hey i feel better now reading ur post i have herpes simplex 1 an im scared to death that i wont get married =( or have sex ever again i want children an to get married if u can talk to me u seem to be experienced against this virus im only 19 yrs old =( an i want a girl freind if u can when u get this get a hold of me an contact me at 732-500-6440

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