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What is everyone thinkin on the whole Garlic thing for dogs. Dont you check out the things that you are giving or putting in your dog stuff or food. It says Proven fact that Garlic can actually be deadly to dogs. It is right up there along with the Chocolate. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFOR MIXING AND MATCHING THINGS FOR YOUR PETS!!!

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I will def. Try this ! And its not chocolate a dog can't have its the coco in it so regular chocolate is fine ask your vet!


PLEASE DO NOT feed your dog garlic. I did and within a week she began to get weak and lethargic. It was the only thing about her diet that had changed. I had researched and researched prior to that and found nothing. But once I did and she began feeling bad, I began researching again and found that it effects their blood cells Talk about feeling like a horrible mother! Be aware of the risks and symptoms of hemolytic anemia. There are claims that it's toxins can cause anemia, bleeding, and even death in dogs. And if fed on a regular basis can cause oxidative damage to red blood cells leading to Heinz-body anemia and even death. They also caution that puppies under the age of 8 weeks, dogs scheduled for surgery, and those with pre-existing anemia should not be given garlic. Others are in agreement that garlic causes a breakdown of red blood cells in dogs although they allow that garlic in very small amounts in some commercial pet foods has not been shown to cause any problems.
Also note that cats are more sensitive to garlic than dogs are.



I have read some of the things written in these blogs concerning getting rid of fleas. I'm battling the same thing. So the person who started this thread says garlic is harmful to dogs. Just today I noticed in the dog section of the farm store Brewer's Yeast with Garlic. So much for the harmful to dogs theory. I looked in the vegetable pesticides section and found Hi-Yield Garden Pet, and Livestock Dust-exact same thing as Sevin Dust. So much for that theory too. Guess he should check out things before posting.


They sure told you about garlic huh


Chocalate is bad for dogs it gives them heartworms , some of you people need a reality check!


Its really funny how some of the professional dog groomers, vets, etc. have a real problem with garlic. One said 'Do the Research'. Maybe you should. Look on the back of any dog treat, or food. Garlic is in all of it. I put a pinch in Freedoms food every time i feed him. He is now pushing 20 and has been active his whole life.


actually Garlic is good for them. I give my beagle a half a clove to a clove a day in his food, havent had any problems with him. AND I RESEARCHED IT.


Garlic extract is in heartworm medication. And chocolate has to be pure concentrated to be harmful. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!


My dogs have both had chocolate by them getting into some on their own and us giving them the last bite of a brownie or cookie, they are both older now, never been sick from eating chocolate:)

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