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What is everyone thinkin on the whole Garlic thing for dogs. Dont you check out the things that you are giving or putting in your dog stuff or food. It says Proven fact that Garlic can actually be deadly to dogs. It is right up there along with the Chocolate. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFOR MIXING AND MATCHING THINGS FOR YOUR PETS!!!

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Actually, if you look further into it, you will find that garlic can be consumed by dogs in limited amounts. Garlic is in the onion family and they both have n-propyldisulfide in them, which is the dangerous ingredient. However, onions have a far more potent amount in them then Garlic.

According to Gregory Tilford, (author of All You Ever Wanted to Know About Herbs for Pets), dogs can quite safely consume 1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder per pound of food 3 to 4 times a week.

And here is a list I found on Natural Dog Health Remedies web page of how many cloves per body weight a dog can eat safely.

10 to 15 pounds - half a clove
20 to 40 pounds - 1 clove
45 to 70 pounds - 2 cloves
75 to 90 pounds - 2 and a half cloves
100 pounds and over - 3 cloves


Who ever said chocolate is bad for dogs? I only hear 'they' say chocolate is bad. If you are worried don't let your dogs around it. But both my dogs have gotten into Easter,halloween, Christmas & any other candy and never even got sick.


I have actually bathed my dogs in warm water and garlic powder. They were just fine and it was actually recommended to try by a vet and my mom has done the same with her small dogs as well. They don't get bathed in it every day but garlic is not all that bad for dogs.

Doug Ford

We had always heard that chocolate could kill a greyhound. Our 80 pound greyhound got into the halloween chocolate while we were out and ate an equivalent of 6 to 7 Hershey bars, and didn't have the slightest problem. She loves the stuff, so we have to hide it out of her reach.

However, just a few fleas drive her nuts and she will bite and scratch the fur off in no time.


Its more the bakers chocolate (dark), and not so much the milk chocolate. it's the high cocoa content that is bad. induces rapid heart rate.


Garlic in its clove form is very healthy for pets and humans. It cure a number of pest problems. Fleas ticks and mites find the skin distasteful. It also prevent fly and mosquito bites. It also has been know to cure stomach and intestinal parasites. I put a 1/2 a small clove in my dogs food once a day....have done so for many years. And he is now ten and plays like he is still a pup


lol thats funny i feed my dog chocolate for his treats been doin this for 10 years


My dogs get into chocolate and have never been sick. I use vinegar in their water and it usually works in a couple of weeks. Just a capful works! I do it all the time so that I don't worry about fleas. It does take a while so be patient.


my dog is 20 years old and i give garlic salt 2 times a day in her food and she still plays and chases squirels and lizards like a 2 yr old...
and no fleas...


oh and i am 48 yrs old and this is m 3rd dog.. 1st was 18 ...second 16..then alexis is 20 all fed garlic salt with food just a sprinkle!!

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