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I can't remember when the fungus first appeared, but it started with white under the nail and I didn't think much of it, and I would use nail varnish to cover it, once I changed my nail varnish I would of noticed it got worse and worse and the white stuff had spread. My nails then started to become crumbly like I can't really explain it never went to the extent of going yellow and black so I knew my fungus wasn't the worst case scenario. However it's started to clear up and I have only been using Vicks Vapour rub.

Here's how - Before you go to bed.

1.Wash your feet, and dry them with a clean towel but only dap them dry.

2.Get a cotton bud and wipe the ends into the pot and then wipe in the affected area's of the nails (I don't use my hands to rub it in because of other germs and fungus that could be lurking on my hands'

3. Get a plaster/bandaid and place it over the nail to let it soak in the nail and so it doesn't stain the bed quilts.

4. Overnight the vapour rub will soak into the nail, in the morning take the plaster/bandaid off and let as much fresh air get to your nails as possible.

It's also good for a change listerine mouthwash works in some cases soak as your toes in some listerine while brushing your teeth etc.

It can take ages for you to notice a change and improvement however because I catched mine early it was easier to get rid of that how it works and over night I saw a difference, now my big toes (the ones that were once affected' are looking much pinker without white underneath the nail.

Good luck, hope to see you this summer in the sandals on the beach...

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well my friends, i had a real problem with the toe fongus and read all the remedies and tried a lot of them separately and noticed after a while that the main ingredients where among others this.....garlic....vinager and the fungi nail or you name your brand.....well what i did and worked wonders after only one bottle.....i mixed garlic and vinager and blended them in the blender and equal parts 50/50 with your remedy that you use....its great


Looking for nail fungus remedies can be overwhelming. I advice you choose natural remedies like tea tree oil and vinegarsince this has no side effects.

For more information of nail fungus remedies, I have found a good site:
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I've found with using topical treatments soaked in a cottonball, that a finger cot rolled over top, keeps the treatment in place comfortably. Works the same as the balloon usage or taping or using a bandaid, but perhaps more easily applied.

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