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Ken Madl

I was on medicine for about 3 years when I heard of taking a tablespoon of vinegar. It hurts like crazy, for about 20-30 seconds, but the results are worth it! I never finished a $0.62 bottle of Apple Cider vinegar and I have been off medication for about 6 years now. I started having to do this every night, but it quickly decreased the occurances and It was maybe once a month. Now I may need a teaspoon once every 6 months to a year, it occures very rarely now, but usually in conjunction with eating too much, over a period of several days and eating meals with tomatoe sauce for 2 or 3 days in a row, but just a teaspoon and I am back on track.

You will hate the pain when you try it, but you will certainly be thankful for the relief that follows so quickly. And saving some $ does not bother me either.

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Oh my goodness. This does taste awful and actually almost made me puke, BUT it seemed to work after 10 seconds of feeling like I was going to be sick.

Thanks!! :)


This person will probably never see this but all she had to do to prevent the burning from the vinegar was to add a little honey. That stops the burning--I've done it.


wow totally works, and I love apple cider vinegar


How often you use it? do u mix walter with the apple cider vinger


you don't mix with water, but you can add some honey to take that burning feeling.


I tried this tonight and from all the suggestions on the site added a teaspoon of baking soda. I should've done it in the bathroom... I proceeded to projectile vomit all over the place. However now, I feel much better and might get some sleep.


I have had gurd and reflux disease and I am tired of paying all that money for acid reducers. I tried vinegar 1 tsp. It burns for 20 seconds and then I burped and it was gone. Thanks!!


I have really bad acid reflux it hurts like someone is putting a knife all the way to my back and I am looking for a home remedy if it is possible. Thanks


After waking up with my throat on fire, I found this site and tried some of the suggestions. Honey? Sweet and slimy - but no help. Peanut butter? Sweet and sticky - still no help. But the apple cider vinegar? After taking a one ounce shot and drinking a glass of water, I felt like I swallowed a hot coal for about a minute...and then the pain subsided over the next ten minutes. I actually fell asleep for a straight six hours and felt great the next morning.

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