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I have been suffering from tooth pain for almost a week now and i would like to share with u the things that have worked for me in varying degrees.
**CEPACOL SORE THROAT LOZENGES- don't taste the greatest but if u suck on it until its gone and hold it on the sore tooth or teeth the pain does go away.
**CLOVE OIL- others have mentioned this. It tastes terrible and burns some but does numb the area for approx. an hour. I applied it with a Q tip on gums and teeth.
**PEPPERMINT EXTRACT- I applied this with either a Q tip or finger and it numbs instantly, but again temporary.
**ORAJEL MOUTH SORE MEDICINE- this is not the regular orajel. This is the one for canker and cold sores. For some reason it works better for short term relief.
**KANKA- professional strength mouth pain liquid. You can buy this at your local drugstore. It has a built in applicator brush. Numbs well.
**DENTEK TEMPARIN MAX- cheap temporary filling kit. Use it to fill the cavity holes in your teeth. It lasts about 4-6 days. Ive used my kit several times and still have alot left. Costs about $4.
**IBUPROFEN/VICODIN- I alternated 2- 800
mg Ibuprofen with 2 Vicodin 10/325 every 3 hours.
**TYLENOL PM- I used these to help me sleep at night. Works!

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ya the vicodin works great if its 10 mg and ive used tylonal pm's before to sleep they work great and help significantly


800 mg ibuprofen alternated with Vicodin? Are you trying to kill your kidneys? Vicodin HAS ibuprofen in it! You're lucky you didn't do any damage!


No, Vicodin has acetaminophen (Tylenol) in it... It's okay to alternate with advil (ibuprofen).

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