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I have suffered from severe restless legs for 35 years. Just for context, i might have 3 non sequential nights per year where I suffered no symptoms. In the past 3 years, the symptoms have gotten progressively worse, starting again in the morning and reoccuring during the day any time I try to rest. Needless to say, I had not had more than a few hours sleep for years.
Almost 2 months ago, While doing my usual twisting and turning in bed trying to get relief, i hapened to turn to my side and into a tight fetal position, really stretching and holding my knees into my chest. this stretched the back also. I felt relief after holding the 'Fetal Stretch' for about 2 minutes. I assumed this would be short term, as all movements and stretches have been in the past, but i was nistaken! the complete relief lasted for approximately 24 hours!
I have now been eliminating my RLS symptoms using this 2 minute stretch about once per day for 45 days now! I now sleep through the night! I can go see a movie without annoying everyone around me!
Please consider telling other sufferers to try my Fetal Stretch! it has changed my life!
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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I believe that you have the most effective remedy for my kind of RLS. I have been suffering for 25 years now.
My father told me that he rocks on his back with his knees touching and cracks his back. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. But it is like a fetal position but with crackig back if you can.
I have tried many remedies and researched into (my) RLS. I know it has to do with the long nerve or soft spot inside of your spine. If the nerves are pinched then the RLS comes.
In my lower back sometimes I can massage it with a vibrator and it goes away.
I have noticed that when I get intestinal gas it pushes against the inside of my spine and causes the symtoms to get worse.
The spine has so many nerves and as we age it is not as strong. The nerves on the inside of the spine get pressured by the disks on the inside of the spine when you lay down and sometimes when you are just sitting in a chair. I know it is the lower back.
I am going to try this remedy.


I just tried this and it works! Thank you so much for some relief!


It totally just worked! Thank you!

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