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Simi H.

I have had a very bad cold for the past week. My colds, which I get often, are usually first associated with a sore mouth/throat, sinus problems, and a light cough. They almost always end in sinus infections. This time, however, I blew my nose so much that some fluid went into both ears, and I felt terribly congested for days. I looked around for relief and this is what I found- antihistamines do the trick. I have allergies, but I know for sure this cold was not allergy-related (doctor confirms). I'd been avoiding antihistamines because they thicken mucus, making it harder for sinuses to drain. I finally relented and took an Allegra in the evening, and the next morning I woke up with my ears back to normal. As the 24 hour dose wore off, my ears started feeling stuffy again, but I just took another pill and hope I'll have just as good results tomorrow. My congestion was terrible, so I'd tried everything- antibiotics, saline rinse solution in ears, heating pad, vaporizer, Sudafed, Advil, etc. This is the only thing so far that has worked: good luck!

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