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If you made it this far please take the time to do this remedy. I actually had a boil bout three hours ago and it was killing me. The location of my disturbing friend was right where the back ends and the crack of the butt starts- yea tell me bout it. I had to go through a gruesome 8 hours of work sitting down before I couldnt take it anymore and had to do something bout it. The pain was so disturbing that I could barely drive home, but once I got there I had to lay down and it took me almost 10 minutes to lay on my stomach. So first I started off with a cup of oatmeal prepared THICK and put in a sandwich bag. I let this cool down to the tempertaure that I can withstand. I would roll the oatmeal in the bag like it was a rolling pin. Once at the desired temp. I put the 'roll' of oatmeal right in the crack of my butt. Left it there until it got cool. Then reheated it again (bout 10 seconds in the microwave) and repeated this process for bout an hour. Technically this is known as the hot compress that is supposed to bring the boil to a head. After the hour, the pain went from pain to throbbing pain not only that I then gathered a scorching fever. I immediately took 2 pain relief and fever reduce gel cap Tylenol pills. I waited for bout 20 mins (without the compression) and allowed plenty time for the pills to kick in. After the 20 minutes I then took a Tampon (trust me it works) and coated it with Hibclens anitbacterial soap (bought in Walgreens). I then basked the entire area to include the swollen area with the coated Tampon. Once it was completely basked I then cleansed the soap off with a clean towel. Next I used another Tampon (sorry these were the closest I had to gauze) and drained it will Campho-Phenique and applied it to the same area as the anti bacterial soap. ALL AROUND. Once applied I then waited bout 10 minutes and got immediately out of my bed. NO PAIN. I was actually able to sit down. So after sitting down for a good 15 minutes I then felt this disgusting ooozzzeeee comming from my rear end. And guess what- the boil began draining. I have tried several different at home remedies and most never worked for me. So I decided to try some of the remedies ALL TOGETHER and low and behold its a miracle. Hope this works for you. All togethere I spent a total of 12 bucks.

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Followed the instructions, minus the tampon part, took a total of about 5 and a half hours

Hi i get them all the time but now my one yr old daughter has one on her ass and idk if i can try with her im scared


Cysts in this area (top of buttcrack, tailbone area) that have a foul odor are Pilonidal Cysts, they require outpatient surgery to remove permanently. They create tunnels under the skin when they are infected which overtime makes them larger. When they get infected (big and painful), draining them will help for the time being, but they will repeatedly come back without surgery. Google it for more info. Before I had the surgery, mine would pop up about every 2-6 months, getting more frequent as time went on. Since surgery I have had NO problems, it's been 7 years since I had it done and it has stayed gone. I have a small scar, but it's totally worth not going through that horrific pain anymore. I have a condition where I get frequent cysts under my arms and breasts, recently I got one that abcessed to the size of a baseball, and it still wasn't as painful as that pilonidal cyst was!!!


Agree with not trying to lance it yourself. My husband had one in his armpit and I played doctor and poked it with a needle and squeezed it. That only made it mad and it left a huge scar once it healed. If you touch a boil, you must wash your hands. Alcohol on a cotton ball applied several times a day (if you can take the pain) is very effective.


The boil/cyst that you get at the top of your buttcrack is usually caused by being born breach, feet 1st. Breach births do not have a soft spot on the top of their heads, the soft spot is the tailbone. There is a hole there, from birth, that range in size from tiny to sizes that require surgery right after birth. At 22, I had a cyst at the base of my spine that I fought with for a week prior to going to the hospital. They told me they didnt know how I walked in there with the amount of fluid that was in there. Removal of the excess skin (or the hole that is there) is the only cure for this so it does not come back. If you do not know if you know if you were born breach, ask your parents, get a mirror and find the hole, or get your crack to the E.R.

Rob Strong

I used Campho Phenique on my cyst for a week and it is gone. Been almost two months and no sign of it recurring. I'd suffered with it for over a year, had tried everything with no luck was about to schedule the surgery when I saw the little green bottle and thought I'd try one more thing.
It popped and oozed and dried up . Like I said that was almost two months ago. Try this before surgery.

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