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wow for a yr I had this thick cottage cheese stuff and was on many many strong dose of medication from doctors. Just when I think it was goin away i went back to the doctor and asked for an extention on my meds but it didn't work . I thought I tried everything. I was gettin so frustrated I thought it was pre menopause?? but I knew it started from a tooth infection. So after tryin Probiotics and acidopholic for about 6 months and asked many ppl I didn't care who I talked to in a I finally went to my local Fred Myer and asked the Organic specialist that was working and told her my situation and she put me to do the candida test, I did and it showed I had yeast in my body. So than I went on the candida cleanse, and 50 billion probiotic which I read wrong and took 10 - 15 pills in the mornin and Went back to get more and they told me I was suppose to only take 1 am/ but it didn't bother me at all. I ended up buyin more with probiotic smoothie Kefer. After the 2nd week I started notice I wasn't gettin any cheesy thing. I finished everything to this day will keep takin the probiotic but only take the 14 billion 2x a day. But I am so glad to finally meet someone to help me. I really think cause i took so much probiotic in the beginnin that help get to the problem. I should also say that I did watch what I ate for the first week cause it was no sugar, white bread, pasta I almost bought all new food but the lady at fred myers said no just watch what you eat and cut down till all my food gone than buy new food. but lucky I didn't have to do that. I am so happy I feel normal again.

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