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Yvey 111

Vanila extract I have been suffering since friday with severe pain on my bottom lower right.It's now monday night late. Due to a tooth snapping in half and the root left in with the remainder of filling bits sticking up i have now developed an absess and deep infection. Dentist are harder to get hold of on the weekend and to find out my dentist is away for two weeks i was left with little comfort. Apart from affording it. I was prepared to get a tweezers and try and dig it out The pain being off the rickter scale feels like I have all my bottom teeth on the right hand side infected. I now have antibotics but reduced to tears with an eardrum and lower face that feels like it's going to blow off I googled in desperation. I find often people who are experiencing the pain have solutions and this site is amazing thank you. The Vanilla extract immediately calm it down for 10minutes to a five rather than 12 early minutes I know. But, I have had 17 Nurofen plus today. I drinking the peppermint tea and then will place a tea bag on. At least hopefully I will get some sleep I love you all for sharing your stories and advice keep up the good work. Dentist should read this to understand alternative pain relief I will let you know how the rest of my night goes but thank you.

Yvey extremely grateful.

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