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An Ear Nose and Throat Doctor gave me this remedy when he saw me as a patient late in the afternoon and the Pharmacy was closed and could not fill my perscription.

Mix equal parts of clear White Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol. Warm it if needed or use right out of the bottle. Coming from the South and having children that swam a lot ear aches were common in the children. Anyone I have told to do this has come back to me letting me know it works.

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jessica v

Thank you so much! I woke up at 1am in pain. I tried a hot rag but that barely relieved any pressure. Decided to suck it up and take Nyquil. Well woke up again feeling the horrible pain coming on again. Took robitussin for my sore throat. Just tried the water and vinegar,I feel extremely better! Will definitely remember to do this every time.

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