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Get tweezers as close to scalp as possibly around ticks head, try not to squeeze body, and pull off in one fluid motion. DO NOT USE DISH SOAP, HEATED MATCH OR OTHER REMEDIES LIKE PETROLEUM JELLY AS THESE MAY CAUSE TICK TO RELEASE SALIVA/BACTERIA INTO HOSTS BLOOD STREAM. If you notice a red ring around bite mark (may show up in a few days, keep checking), nausea, back ache, head ache, vomiting, fever, joint pain, neck stiffness, itching, go to doctor and get on antibiotics immediately to catch Lyme Disease in its early stage. Lyme disease can turn into chronic disease if not treated early. You may experience if not treated; Decreased concentration, Memory disorders, Nerve damage, Numbness, Pain, Paralysis of the face muscles, Sleep disorders, Vision problems, or more.

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T. C.

I was making slides of live and dead ticks. I had just removed a tick that had just started feeding. I used twezers and puled it out with a little of my skin. I placed it on the slide and put a drop of clear finger nail polish on the tick.
The tick INSTANTLY Ejected the blood from its body, through its mouth.
Never use any of the remides like matches, finger nail polish, substances that smother or burn the tick. It will eject its body fluids back into YOU.

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