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If you're like me, then you KNOW what it's like to have acne that just WON'T come off! This isn't a HOME remedy i'm afraid, but again, if you're like me, then those don't work on you.

The thing that worked for me was:
Boric acid + Clindamycin-ampules
Mix these two together, dab or spray on your face about 3 times a day AFTER YOU WASH YO FACE.

and there you go :) it works i guarantee it. But be warned! It will get worse before it gets better so, yeah. If you're a pussy then don't try it. it's not expensive and you can get it in almost any drug store.

You're welcome ;)

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The items probably are good 'support' for skin. Your skin (an organ) reflects/shows what you eat. If clogged pores were really the problem; why don't 10000 soldiers who live in the woods for 45 or more days with no showers not get acne? It's from the foods you eat. Acne is a symptom of food allergies. Figure out what you're allergic to and it will go away. I have done it myself.


I'm literally speechless. I'm shocked. Do you understand how toxic AND dangerous Boric Acid is?!!? I'm an Esthetician, and I am professionally trained in skincare treatments- please, I do not know you, but if you want to live a healthy life, do not ever use Boric Acid on your face again! Are you aware that if you inhale Boric Acid in can burn your lungs?! And its a commonly used ingredient to kill cockroaches, why on earth would you use something like that to aid in skin problems?! Please, go talk to a Dermatologist, or even research a website run by licensed professionals who are educated in skincare. You can kill yourself or gravely injure yourself if not your skin. Boric Acid eats through your skin, and it can make you very sick. IF you are looking for a 'quick fix' with any acne, I'm afraid there aren't any. With all things, your skin is a living, breathing organ. You need education by someone whose trained in skincare knowledge and patience. How your skin looks affects your self-esteem, I know. But you will damage yourself so badly and possibly in ways you cannot reverse.


There are plenty of products on the market sold in stores all over the USA that you can use that will not hurt or harm you and that are intended for use on your skin and/or to treat your acne. Salicylic Acid is a skincare ingredient, it kills the bacteria that causes acne in the first place. It is a topical cream or gel you apply to blemishes. You can damage your eyesight or worse if you continue doing what you are doing to yourself with Boric Acid and the other non-skincare item. You can even buy items online for your skin. Depending on your allergies, if you have any you could possibly use any range of products. Even something like raw lemon juice dabbed on a blemish can help make it disappear. But please, for your safety, don't EVER use Boric Acid again on your body or face. Please. Thank you.


People have for years put a very small amount of boric acid, (the tip of pocket knife amount) in 8oz of sterile water and dropped into the eye to cure pink eye. Don't listen to that dummy. They sell pharmacy grade boric acid at the drug store. Its not going to hurt you.


I never seen them sell Cockroach killer in the medicine section at the drug store. Go back to school.


Get a real degree before you hand out medical advice also.


coming from someone with an actual MD behind their name. DO NOT USE BORIC ACID ON YOUR SKIN ON BODY. PERIOD.


It only makes sense that a dermatologist would try to tell you that boric acid would eat your skin because if everyone realized this is an awesome acne treatment then she would go out of business. Boric acid does NOT eat your skin. It has been used since ancient Greece as an antiseptic and works wonderfully to clear up acne. She was right about inhaling it. large quanties can harm your dont snort it-duh. It will clear up acne, and sty's in your eye when used properly. I have been using this for acne for years and have beautiful skin. (lol.. hasnt melted away yet!!) when i feel or see a pimple starting i put a tsp. of boric acid in a cup with boiling water, let it cool and dab on the pimple several times throughout the day. the next day the pimple will be gone. For sty's you boil water add 1/4 tsp. let cool, put in shot glass, hold up to your eye and tip your head back, should be gone the next day. this does not burn or hurt in anyway and was taught to me by my great grandmother who has used boric acid all of her life. her skin has still not been eaten away.


Um my esthetician actually told me to use that: 1/2 tea spoon of boric acid + 1/2 glass of boiling water + any pill of antibiotics.

Soylent Green Is People!

Boric Acid is perfectly safe to use. It has roughly the same toxicity as Table Salt IF YOU INGEST IT.

According to the Wikipedia Article on Boric Acid, a lethal dose (50% fatality)is a little over 5 grams per kilogram of body weight.

That means for the average person weighing 125 lbs, they would have to ingest over a half pound of pure boric acid to reach a lethal dose. A HALF POUND+

Although you could, nobody is recommending ingest any. So what is the problem again?

Boric Acid is far more toxic on insects than it is on mammals.

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