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Geri from Hong Kong

All the home remedies sound pretty tedious and painful for ingrown toenails. After two surgeries over 12 years ago, I was desperate for a solution that didn't involve poking around the sensitive area. I stumbled upon Nailease. Just google it. Basically it's a material used by NASA that has an inherent tendency to straighten itself. A thin, narrow strip glued across the toenail does exactly that -- it tries to straighten itself and in the process lifts your nail with it. The pain relieves in minutes. I remember when I used it last, it grew out with the nail and best part (ladies) you can still clip it with a nail clipper and paint over it to hide the strip. Believe it costs less than $20 incl shipping in the US I think although I'd pay a LOT more for this ingenious product -- I know this ain't strictly a home remedy but it might well be as it's an elegant and scientific solution without the need for antibiotics or surgery or pain or fiddling with the painful area. It worked for me, like a DREAM, 12 years ago and I've just placed another order for 2 kits. Money well spent.

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I had the same experience with NailEase. I was in terrible pain. Couldn't even put on a sock or shoe. I applied my first NailEase and in a few hours the pain was gone. I couldn't believe it. The product is guaranteed or your money back - all of it, even shipping. I called in to talk with customer service and got all kinds of good advice for my nail. Its a winner.


is it reusable


can you get this in Canada? If so where?


Nailease employees ?

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