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When my daughter got head lice i searched for the best way to get rid of them i found that RID or any other lice shampoo didnt work so i got on this website to find something that might work and i took ideas from a couple of people i soaked her head in alcohol for 30 mins and then took 1 part cooking oil to 1 part vinager mixed really well poured on her head and then combed through her hair with a metal lice comb after you do this you should see a big difference in the nits after an hour of combing i noticed a big difference in the nits and then washed with coconut shampoo and conditioner and then i blow dry her hair every time i wash it and then i bought Lice Shield Shampoo from Walmart it is about $8.00 and it is safe to wash their hair in everyday and since the first time i have started this i havent seen not one bug or nit

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or just shave them bitches


I bought the lice shield shampoo, leave in conditioner, and spray....Lice came back.

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