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Ok guys,

I posted a while back but I am back with some new stuff to share with you.

I came across something that will work wonders for warts as long as they are not inside the vagina.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide.....35% food grade.

This stuff is cheap, you can order it online withought a perscription. I think that a combination of internal use as well as external use could solve many GW issues.

Heres the deal. Externally, heres what you do: scrape up the wart with a needle, dip a qtip in the food grade h202, dab it should see more or less instand results deending on how agressive you want to be, this will burn, but id rather take a burn than have a GW.

Secondly, this stuff can be used internally to kill of viruses and is a known long term remedy for herpes, being that herpes is a virus, I believe it could be highle effective on the HPV virus as the FG-h202 is known to boost the immune system and kill viruses. In fact, some people even use it as an alternative treatment to cancer the stuff is so legit.

YOu will need to do some research, you must dilute this stuff to drink it and I cant stress enough 1: DO NOT DRINK NORMAL HOME USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE......2:MAKE SURE YOU KNOW HOW TO DILUTE AND PROPERLY DOSE YOURSELF.

its like this, you need a dropper bottle because you just need drops of the stuff, you need to use about 5-8 ounces of water (or more when you get into the really high dosages). Basically, you will take this stuff 3 times a day, starting with 3 drops, 3 times a day. each day you add 1 drop until you reach a point where you are doing 25 drops 3 times a day, stay there for a week or so, then gradually step down from that.

Do some quick internet research, you need to do this 1 hour before you eat OR 3 hours after you eat and you dont really want any vitamin C in your stomach when you drink the stuff.


I am at a point where I am taking 10 drops 3x daily. so Im not there yet, but I can attest to what it will do will burn a wart off your body and cause an immune response which will help your body kill the hpv in that area.

Now, for areas that are slow healing, the foreskin of the penis for example, I would stick to ACV, the h202 is just too caustic and will h urt you.

in addition to this keep pounding your:

-folic acid
-co q10
-vit C,E,A,D
-olive leaf extract
-elderberry extract

I also highly recomend drinking braggs brand ACV 2x daily 1-2 tbsp per as much water as you need. THis is known to be a natural anti viral as well as an amazing source of potassium which is know to fight warts of all sorts.

Done right, I think its possible to kick GW for good, I plan to do it.

If you have any questions, just want to chat, need somebody to talk to, I am here. I set up an email account that is annonymous

I am not selling anything, but like many here im sure, I would like sort of a support group. Feel free to email, lets kick this together. Best of luck to you all and god bless.


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I take 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide for warts too. When my warts were removed I took sitz baths using it diluted. Only did it twice, healed in no time . I use manuka honey mixed with tea tree oil to make it stronger to help with the healing process. I'm up to 20 drops but I only take it once a day because I have a slow emptying stomach. I take 5000 mg vitamin c midday day and chroyll at nite. Its been almost two months, wart free. I plan to start taking it twice a day. Then maybe three times a day. I have to eat like a bird to have the empty stomach, but I want the three day dose.

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