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Hydrogen Peroxide!
I put some green face paint on my face onece for a band performance, and it turned out that it had stained my skin. As well as everyone else's. I had the idea to wash it with Hydrogen Peroxide. Not only did it work, but my skin cleared up immediately!
Caution: don't soak your face or it will bleach your skin.
Recommendation: I used it as I would a toner- apply it with a cotton ball and rinse off. (this way you dont bleach your eyebrows or eyelashes).

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Witch Hazel or Lemon Juice can help acne prone skin also. Hydrogen Peroxide can really damage your skin. I'm a Skincare pro, please, becareful. Your skin is a living, breathing organ. Ask a doctor or a Dermatologist if you have questions about how to take care of skincare problems. Please. Thank you.


band is awesome :). LOL and Hydrogen peroxide DOES work, thanx :)

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