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Last year 2010 we purchased a new house and dreams of enjoying the natural view exciting.Noticing it had
poison ivy and sumac growing on the property . I was supposedly immune to the ivy so I thought and started pulling it out because my wife is very allergic to it.
Well after 60 years I found out that things have changed an I was now very much allergic to this weed.
Things went from bad to worse and after 7 days I was covered in the welts from the oils weeping from the at first few wounds I had , I was completely covered in the stuff and eyes almost swollen shut.
Going to the doctor I was given a very strong dose of predneszone 21 days and a needle of the steroid.50 mg's fr the first 5 days.It took almost two months before I was blemish free.
This year 2011 the march snows has just melted and I again went outside to clean the yard from all the damage caused from the winter winds.It took a rotten log covered in vines to infect me once again with the urisol oils of this ivy plant to one arm from my elbow to wrist.
This time I washed and applied the heat from the hair dryer to activate the histamines and stop the itch then with an alcohol wipe cleaned the affected area , let dry and covered with calamine lotion.
Hopefully knowing now what I went through last year I will be able to keep ahead of this allergic reaction to my body and to keep it from spreading.
The hair dryer does a wonderful job at
stopping the itch.
I have some Jewelweed seeds to plant this year so hopefully I can get a grip on the poison plants at my new home.
Love the itch

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Have you tried benedryl?
lots of good docs will give a shot and all welts will be gone in a couple hours. One quick treatment.
When I learned that from experience I started taking the pill after exposure. no welts. if i wait until welts apear it takes a couple doses and a few hours to be clear.
lots of my friends and family now do this and it's GREAT!

no toxic baths or painful decontamination scrubs or any crazy stuff like that.

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