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Hello everyone! I wanted to take the time to write my story and hopefully give some of you who are experiencing breakouts a little piece of mind and hope! It's a little long, but please take the time and consider how I eliminated my genital warts (hopefully for good!).

Now let me just start off by saying that I have NEVER engaged in unprotected sex. I am 20 years old and I am the most honest and trustworthy person that I know. I have only had a small handful of sexual partners in my life. If you are feeling like you are the most disgusting person in the world because of your warts (I certainly did...), please rest assured that this happens to even the best of us and it is absolutely not the case. I was extremely, for lack of a better word, depressed for months because of these bumps. I let genital warts define me and it took a huge toll on my emotional state. I am an American currently studying abroad in Paris, France, and to an extent I allowed the warts to interfere with my social life here in Europe. Looking back, I wish I had never done such a thing, as being here I've realized that I'm supposed to be having the time of my life! (I am now, thank god!).

About six months ago I noticed that I had a bump on scrotum. After shaving, I noticed that they had spread and soon I saw as many as 15 warts on the shaft of my penis. DO NOT SHAVE, IT SPREADS THE WARTS. I had no idea what to do about them. I went to my doctor and he diagnosed them as genital herpes (they had turned red and DID in fact resemble genital herpes). Thinking it wasn't that big of a deal, I used the cream that he gave me. But to no avail, the bumps stayed. That is when I self-diagnosed the bumps as genital warts.

I stumbled across this website and tried several methods that I had read. As I was more than ready to see the bumps disappear, I tried burning them off myself. I took a needle to a lighter and started to poke the little guys until I had thought that they been completely burned off. Afterwards, I used a disinfecting alcohol to prevent them from spreading. This method worked great, as the warts had literally all been burned off. HOWEVER I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS METHOD. I was naive and impatient and now I am left with about five visible scars on the shaft of my penis, which is almost worst than having the warts in the first place in my opinion. I'm using a lot of Vitamin E oil (extremely difficult to find in Paris, let me tell you...), and after about a month the scars are starting to fade. I have faith that they will disappear sooner or later.

After realizing that I had made a terrible mistake, I tried the apple cider vinegar method. I am so happy I found this method, because it worked quite well! I dipped cotton balls and the ends of cotton swabs in the ACV and placed them directly on the wart, covering them with bandages. I did this every night and sometimes during the day. Small warts disappeared within days, while larger ones took about a week or so. Remember to use alcohol after you remove the band aids to ensure that they do not spread!

I read on this blog that some people chose to DRINK apple cider vinegar as well. I tried this, but for some reason or another I developed MORE warts by doing this. I am wondering if it is maybe because it had the option to travel throughout my body? I'm not sure. But I developed dozens of warts on my hands, elbows, feet, and on my knees. Not sure if this is all related, but soon after I stopped drinking ACV they stopped spreading. I used TEA TREE OIL on them and they were gone in less than a week.

After about a month and a half of the ACV treatment I was happy that I was almost completely wart free (only one or two remain). I'm using tea tree oil on small warts that appear, which seems to kill the wart in one or two days. I'm so happy I found tea tree oil.

I also credit my change in diet and several diet supplements in the prevention of another outbreak. I researched natural remedies for preventing/treating genital warts and came up with a lot of ways to boost my immune system so that my body can suppress the virus into a dormant state. Along with the tea tree oil, I take:

Vitamin C once a day - 500 mg
L-Lysine pill morning and night - 500 mg
Garlic pills morning and night - 2000 mg
One A Day men's multivitamin once a day
Echinacea pills morning and night - 325 mg
Vitamin A and D pill morning and night

Also, most importantly, a Vitamin B complex once a day (Vitamin B1 9000% Daily Value; B2 7000% DV; B6 7000% DV; B12 4000% DV)

I also started running again after about a year-long hiatus and, along with the supplements, my body has never felt better. I've made a conscious effort to eat more fruits and vegetables throughout the day and I drink an insane amount of water. Also, very important, I stopped consuming excess amounts of alcohol (a task which has been a little difficult as a 20-year-old study-abroad student). I drink wine with meals often, but as I'm in France I wouldn't consider it any different from water haha.

I've been on this regimen for about a month and a half now and I have been seeing great results. Small warts appear here and there, but with the tea tree oil they are gone in days. Other than that I am pretty confident that my immune system is keeping things in check.

I apologize for the insanely long message, but I just want everyone to know that there is life after genital warts. I thought that, as a 20 year old, my sex life was over (HORRIBLE thought, I know...), but things are starting to look up.

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getting back into exercise is a great thing. One thing you might try is to completely wrap your penis and balls in gauze and get it wet with the ACV, put a plastic bag over it and leave it overnight.

you may be able to kill some that you havent seen yet.

Also, keep up with the vitamins, exercise and healthy lifestyle while also staying on top of the warts themselves.

if you do this, you stand a good chance to 'clear' the virus completely. Most peoples bodies tend to 'clear' the virus anywher from 3 monhs to 2 years never to be seen again.

When people say that they have dealt with it for years and years and years, I tend to think there are other things going on:

-excess alcohol consumption
-aweful diet
-poor exercise habbits


im suffering from genital warts as well. however, im a 20 year old female. my doctor prescribed a cream called Aldara. as soon as i started to apply the cream, the warts started to dissapear. but at the time i was a crazy about partying and i drank lots of alcohol and occasionally did some drugs. unfortunately the warts started to re-appear but this is because of the partying that was damaging my immune system. excersise and a healthy diet is very important in keeping healthy and trying to fight this infection. i strongly suggest aldara, im using it now just to fight the remainder of the warts and i noticed that they are decreasing. however, the cream is very very expensive. it comes in a little packet that looks like a sample packet. and the cost for just one tiny packet is 25$ CAD. after the use of 6 packets my warts dissapeared. you use them 3 times a week..i know how it feels to have this STI. luckily its the most common amongst sexually active women and men. regardless of the number of partners you have had, we couldve had it worst. so thankfully its nothing major and its only a minor STI. wish you the best of luck and keep your head up.


I had had PROTECTED sex 10 times, 3 different people, in my life, i'm the age of 19, when i developed genital warts. The one boy i had been sleeping with told me once i told him that he had had the virus 4 years ago and its because of the contact we'd been having before the protected sex we'd being having that had meant i caught the virus. I feel so so so unlucky, it's put me down greatly over the last couple of months, in total ive only had about 10 tiny warts and after seeing a doctor and getting cyrotherapy they've all gone away straight away and they went off my mind. The boy i was sleeping with, only got a couple and was treated straight away and they never came back. I am going to China on wednesday and unfortunatley i have just discovered a wart internally, im praayinggg that this is just a one off and i do not get anymore whilst im away but reading everyone elses stories just makes me more panic-ed that i will. You seem to have changed your lifestyle a hell of a lot to adapt to these warts, has it really affected you that much? I dated the boy who gave me the virus for a while which was fine because he was great about it and so it didnt matter, but unfortunatley he moved away and so we had to split up. I was never sexually active before him and these warts have completely put me off wanting to be sexually active again for a long period of time. I could not face telling someone of this and would never want to risk giving them to anyone else plus feel sexually intercourse would just increase my chances of them coming back.

If anyone is reading this, i seriously seriously suggest you go to the doctors, i go to walk in clinics, and within an hour you will see a nurse, she can give you the cyrotherapy and they go away straight away, definitley better than any thermal remedy. You should not be nervous about going to see someone as you feel a million times better once you are out. Tell one friend and ask them to come with you and that gives you the confidence.

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