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Fungal Wife

All I can say is nothing works if you are married and your spouse seems to like having it. I never had it until I married my 'fungus' man. NOW Just my left foot...go figure? I can't ... oh well. I am going to try the salt and apple vinger. He won't do anything. he just gets in bed and uses a sock to rub his feet. then scrubs them on the carpet. He just seems to think its my issue because I am bothered. That 'eveyone' has it. ARGH. Thanks

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I have to agree with the husband association. I did not get AF until I got married. AF does not bother my husband at all he just scratches and move on. I have been suffering with this for 3yrs and it continues to get worse. It is especially bad on my toenails and I refuse to wear sandles I am so sad. I will try some of these home remedies.


I got it from my husband, too! Just my right foot, probably because I sleep to his left. He doesn't seem bothered by it either. Just goes right on scratchin'... With two preschoolers, I don't have the time or money to go hunting around for extra products. I used the dandruff shampoo that's already in the bathroom, lathering, rinsing and drying thuroughly. Then I apply an Neosporin, which I also keep in the bathroom for the kid's cuts and scrapes. Using both of these products means my skin is itch-free, soft. And, best part, I can wear sandals again!

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