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West coast girl

I am visiting this page for the first time and i am so happy i found it. everyone has been so kind and helpful. i have not officially been diagnosed, with GH, but from the research i've done and pictures i've come across im pretty sure it is what is going on with my body. i'm not sure how to feel, i'm depressed and feel like i'll never find anyone to love me with this embarrassing disease.

i have been sleeping with one person for the past almost 2 years and we are not exclusive, so i'm wondering if it was him who passed it on? i guess now whats important is taking care of myself and not placing blame, because he had no obvious signs so i'm sure if it was him he was not aware.

i just went to the store and got some tylenol pm and herpicin, they were out of abreva so i figure there are similar active ingredients in it. until i can pick up some abreva i will see if this helps.

i only have 2 sores inside my labia, but my anus feels swollen and is itchy and sore. i'm guessing that the sores are down there as well. i have not been able to look.

i am a 28 year old female and feel i have learned a horrible lesson on taking better care of myself. i love all the support everyone here gives each other, and i'll post how my outcome is with the treatment i'm trying.

also are there any support forums that people go to just to chat and connect with each other on? i'm sure facebook does not have a 'living with genital herpes' fan page! haha if they did i'd join under a fake name, because of the stigma attached!!

once again thanks again!

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There is stigma yes, but you will find love again. I use abreva and it seems to help sometimes. You will find over time that some outbreaks are much more severe than others. Sometimes you will have an outbreak that last 48 hrs and other times it will last a week. You will become very aware of what your body is telling you so you know when you are going to have an outbreak. I have had the virus for 19 yrs, stress and hormones tend to set off an outbreak. So don't be surprised if just before, during or right after your cycle you have an outbreak. You can always go in and be put on an antiviral. I am sorry this has happened to you, don't beat yourself up, but please be aware that you need to contact all partners from the past 10 yrs to let them know you have it. Believe me, you will know who gave it to you, if they are aware themselves. I can not say that you won't be depressed and feel bad about having it, but you will learn to live with it and it will become apart of your life. I have for the past 2 almost 2 1/2 yrs been in a loving relationship with a man, who does not have it, but does not judge me because i do. It bothers me more than it does him. Don't feel as though you have to 'settle' for someone because they accept it, or feel as though you can only date others that have it as well. I have not settled with my partner. You will continue to be the same person you always have been. Best of luck.


I've tried this remedy & I feel like I'm the only person this has not worked for! It actually turned the area that I put it on white and it's making my skin down there peel :( I've had an outbreak now for 3weeks, & I don't know what to do. I'm currently using tea tree oil in hopes that it help. I'm also taking lysine as well as some prescription pill that hasn't showed me any improvements. As far as contacting your partners from the last 10 years, that's ridiculous. There would be no way for you to determine who gave it to you especially if it's as common as people say. But do disclose to any new partners. I just recently been diagnosed & it's very hard to deal with at times. Just continue to educate yourself about it & find what works for you.


There are so many people out there with this virus. Please don't beat yourself up about it, if anything, it will just make the outbreaks last longer due to the increased stress. I'm 22 and I am currently having an outbreak. It's the first time I've had lesions and sores since my very first outbreak when I was 17. I contracted the virus from my then boyfriend whom I dated for over 4 years. He had oral herpes, and he must have been shedding the virus and we didn't know it. I'm sure that excess stress is my trigger. My blood pressure is through the roof right now. I guess I'm lucky because I went 5.5 years between my first and second episode, but mine are definitely very aggressive when they do come. The first time I went to see a Dr. about 4 days in. I didn't know what was wrong and felt like my life was ending. I was prescribed acyclovir, but I think it was too little, too late. I ended up needing antibiotics to heal properly and only saw healing begin by day 15.
I'm sorry you are in this boat, but there are more of us than you know. The good news...People will still love you even with HSV. I met my fiance 3.5 years ago. I told him I had the virus after the first time we made love, obviously protected sex. He didn't mind and was honestly more concerned about me than any danger to himself. When you find someone who loves you, they will be willing to have you anyway way you come, whether positive for the virus or not. Keep your chin up, we'll get through it!


I just learned to day that i likely have genitla herpes. I've always been in a safe relationship at least on my end, so really don't know how I contracted this. I was doing some research on natural remedies and stumbled across this blog... I'm so happy I did, I can't tell you. Today has been very tramatic, I really don't have anyone I trust to talk to. I did let my boyfriend know and he is getting checked and is super supportive. What I wanted to write about is the unbelievable support on this blog. Everything I thought about today was answered here. Will my gut stay with me? will anyone else want me? will I ever want sex again? will I ever feel clean again? Thank you everyone so much for sharing your stories and support.


When I first found out I had herpes (about 6 years ago) I felt exactly the same way. I was ashamed, depressed and positive that I would never find a meaningful relationship. The truth is that one in five people have herpes, whether they're aware of it or not. The trick is to be honest with your partner or future partners from the very beginning. If they run away, at least you know from the get-go that they were not worth it. If they can't see past the herpes, that means that they can't see the real you. I started dating the man of my dreams about 3 years ago and was terrified to tell him about my herpes, but knew that I had to tell him the truth if we were to have any future at all. I was stunned at how supportive and understanding he was about it all. That man is now my husband and we have a beautiful marriage. Love IS out there and it will find you! Have courage and put the truth out on the line and see what beautiful things come of it!


lol me too forthe facebook thing were not alone 90% of the world have it so ppl you walk by most likely they have it this is recerch i found my self

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