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1. Stay away from the higher arginine foods-though I eat a lot of wheat, wheat germ, wheat bread- I don't eat chocolate much. I eat a lot of chic, fish little beef.
2. Plenty of veggies, fruits
3. Multi-vit/min
4. When sensing an outbreak 3-4 grams of Lysine/day
5. Here's the clincher and I have not found it on the net-DRINK 2-8 OZ GLASSES OF RAW MILK/DAY AS A REGULAR PART OF YOUR DIET. Can be tough to find-NH no problem-loaded w/lysine naturally.Raw milk is one of a very few whole foods and really good for you including the fat. Look it up on the net and you will see. Been drinking it for a little over a yr.
And add occasionally, WHEY PROTEIN TO IT.Optimaa Nutrition brand is the best and most pure as an isolate. Loaded with lysine and other good stuff like the raw milk for immune system.
6. This is a big one: friction avoid as much as possible-masterbation out of the question, it will bring outbreaks from the friction.
7. Avoid extreme stress

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You can masturbate all you want. It relieves stress if anything.

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