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I have been a fryer for about 10 years been burned all over my arms, about 4 years ago the greese splashed up and got half of my face.I did the normal went to the doctors got tthe cream and antibiotics (not much help). Went to my now in-laws and she told me to try vanilla extract on a cloth every couple of hours. AND oh wow does it work, within a week couldnt even see a scare as well as pulled the heat from the burn right away. When i went back to the doctors he said he had never seen a burn heal so fast with no burns. I now have a bottle next to the fryer and one in my jeep at all times. fyi also works for muffler, and sunburns.

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Ty very much my mom just burned her hand pretty bad and we came online to look for remedies we may have here at home cuz we can't find our first aid kit. The vanilla extract did take the burn away for a bit


Thanks, I just burnt the end of my finger, its been burning terribly bad so I've keep ice on it...tried this and the pain is still there but its tolerable.


Works for my 4 year old (open burner) but only for a few seconds. Combined this with the camomile honey vanilla tea bags in ice water, rotating them to keep cold and it really helps with the pain but was very suprised that we had that kind of tea!

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