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Listen, people everyone in this entire world has different skin. For me, my mom recommended cocoa butter, it helped. One thing you should not try is popping or squeezing your pimple. It just makes it more irritated, adds more inflammation and causes more pimples to appear, these are even bigger for me. Acne sucks. A remedy I used is toothpaste. Crest burned a hole in my face, but Colgate worked. I heard, but not used, that yogurt and honey works. Camille lotion is what I will try next. AD cream is another remedy that worked really well. For itching pimples, I take a hot rag gently and gradually rub it on your skin. I hope this helps.

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the tooth paste worked 4 me and i love it but it burns but i want to get rid of it.... it has to gooooo


ok i tried the tooth paste last night and it sort of worked. it made my pimples some what less visable. but what really works is honey and cinnamon OMG WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!! it made my pimples INVISIBLE though the pimples were there u couldn't tell :) i haven't tried lemon juice yet but i am going to. and will lime juice work instead? in place of lemon? thank uuuuuu

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