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last year I had a rotten tooth (a filling fell out) and it was the worst pain I have ever had in my life! Ever read about torture in war? Tooth ache pain has this all best to H3LL! Anyway, I called our local dentist and told him that I was broke and could not afford to get in to get the tooth pulled. He told me that it was the swelling that irratates the nerves. He told me to take Ibprofen (generic brand from walmart) (small brown round pills). I did this and it took some of the pain away but it was still there after an hour so I called him back and he said I could take more. I figured at this point I would rather be dead then feel this type of pain anyway so piss on it. I took 8 Ibprofen on top of the 3 I had taken an hour earlier. BINGO! 15 minutes later (no kidding) I was absolutely pain free. I made myself eat one piece of plain white bread so my stomach would not be empty. It worked! No stomach ache and my tooth was pain free for about 12 hours! No kidding. Ask any dentist. Ibprofen is not like asprin in that it will not upset your stomach like asprin will. It does however take the swelling away WHICH IS WHAT IS IRRATATING THE NERVES! Try it and post back here to let me know you are pain free.

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You have shed a ray of sunshine into the forum. Tnkhas!

nurse L

pain can be horrible. but taking 8 ibuprofen is not recommended. it is not good for various reasons. i am a nurse so i am writing it. i am surprised that the doctor didn't prescribe a stronger med instead of you having to take 11 Ibuprofen. Taking medications more then is recommended on the label can be fatal or harmful in the future long run. good nothing happened to you.


She is nurse probably LPN so we should listen to her


i did that the last time i had toothaches... (took LOTS of advil - not 8, but more then recommended dosage) and after that i had problems with high blood pressure, heart rate was too fast, and i often had panic attacks... that lasted for about a year! I would not recommend taking so many pills


Oh my goodness! No one should take Ibuprofen on an empty stomach! It is highly irritating to the stomach lining and can cause ulcers! Also if you are Athsmatic, it is a non-steroidal anti inflammatory which you should definitely avoid. I am trained in Pharmacy and Nursing, so please trust me on this. Also never exceed the recommended dosage, it can cause liver damage and in some cases it can be fatal.


Wow just took 2 of those tablets on a full stomach & the pain has gone in my tooth iv tried everything & so far this is the only thing that has worked about from a gel called sm33


Yes ibuprofen is the best b/ c it helps with swelling.I too take more than the recommended dosage but it would equate to 2x800mg which if you were taking 8x200mg(normal mg for walmart ibuprofen )your not that'far out 'of range but by no means am I recommending over doing it b/c you are in so much pain!I also recommend to call around and see if there is a dental school or a dentist that would be willing to work out a payment arrangement with you.antibiotics are recommended too!good luck!

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