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My 94 year old mother in law has toenail fungus in all ten toenails. It has been going on for years. First, I use an emery board on the tops of all the nails then I soak her feet in ACV and hot water, dry her feet and then apply tea tree oil to all the nails and around them. If her nails need to be trimmed, I do it after the hot foot bath. Most importantly, all of her socks have been replaced with Ecosox, they are made of bamboo fiber and they wick the moisture away from her feet. She no longer uses any socks with acrylic fiber. She wears her socks to bed at night so I had to find something that wouldn't promote any further fungus. Moisture always promotes fungus. After 2 months, one large toenail fell completely off (with a beautiful new nail growing in). Four out of ten have no fungus and all the other nails are improving dramatically. I can see the new, clean nails coming in from the base of the nail bed. We soak her feet every other day. On the off days, I apply tea tree oil directly to the nails and around them. I am happy with her progress and so is she. No drugs, no poisonous products. Remember, your skin absorbs everything it comes in contact with so be careful using any harmful chemicals.

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