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Hot water bottle is good and it helps me to sleep at night if your like me and dont like taking medication even light ones then a hot water bottle should do the trick

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Eric P.

I PROMISE YOU WILL BE 100% SATISFIED WITH THIS STELLAR ANSWER!!! The cure for toothache is a simple four part answer, all simple and natural. Part 1: Buy a bottle of codliver oil pills or fish oil pills. The first day, take eight to ten. Take five to six each additional day. Part two: You must floss twice daily to prevent the ache from returning. Part three: Buy a tube of Pronamel toothpaste (This is the strongest version of sensodyne). And Part four: Gargle with listerine. If it is too strong, you can dilute it with water. Remember the facts. toothaches are caused primarily by not flossing, not brushing and too much sweets. I was a severe toothache sufferer and even lost weight because I couldn't eat. My dentist told me about all these accept the codliver and fish oils. These, I accidentally discovered, but later on found them to be an old remedy used by much older people.

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