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Hi! I have researched that eggs prevent hair loss and will make your hair shiny! I did try using eggs and it works like magic!
WARNING: My sister used it when she had wavy hair and it went completely STRAIGHT!! She tried ironing it for a minute but it just went straight after a minute! So if you like straight hair and shiny, keep reading!! ^_^

Get a bowl

Put 1 egg (or two, depends how thick or long your hair is).

Now put in 1 teaspoon of milk (or two)

Mix it till you can't see the milk.. if you know what I mean......

Apply onto your hair all over, especially the scalp part to replenish the natural oils; apply to the sides and the bottoms,

Leave on for 9 minutes. (If you leave it on for too long, your hair will break since the egg dries up after an hour!)

Rinse FIRST before shampoo and conditioner. Make sure to use lukewarm water or else you'll cook the egg!-I'm serious..

Now do your regular, shampoo and conditioner. To make your hair more shiny, after washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, before you get out of the shower, rinse your hair with cool water. It doesn't have to be COLD ICECUBES WATER.
If you rinse your hair with cold water, it closes the cuticles and makes the hair close together. Plus, cold reflects the light easier and makes it appear shiny! :)

EXTRA TIPS: You can leave your hair blow-dried or air dry, I blowdry my hair since it makes it more shiny, but I let my hair take a break once in a while since heat is damaging to hair.
OH YES, I FORGOT... Brush or comb your hair BEFORE you put the eggs on! Also, use this treatment every week or month, it isn't true that if you use it too much, your hair will become oily! Your hair becomes oily because of your hormones not because of the eggs!

DETAILS FOR SHINY HAIR: The results of putting eggs and milk in your hair will make you feel happy inside, maybe people will compliment and say how shiny your hair is!! Also, I'M DEAD SERIOUS.. eggs got rid of my dandruff! So that proves that eggs replenish your dry scalp and make it shiny!


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Do you use the whole egg or just the egg white???


it rly workd 4 hair bcme rly strait..thnx..god bles u.. :D


My hair is processing right now. I have naturally curly hair and it frizzed sooooo bad! I got a keratin a month ago and it's still curly and frizzy. I mixed one egg with a tbsp of milk and even added about a tbsp of olive oil in there for hydrate still. My hair wasn't completely covered ith only that so I went and got another egg mixed it so a tbsp or two of milk and a tbsp or two of olive oil (I just eyed my measurements that time) and I only have two minutes left UNTILL I rinse and I will let ya know how it goes! Also my hair is medium length a little past my shoulders, and it's very dry from the sun and my blow dryer and straighter.

RESULTS: I rinsed my hair and honestly thought to myself I don't ink this worked my hair still feels stiff /: then shampooed with my platinum blonde pureology shampooed and was like oh we'll maybe it did work a little then conditioned itch my keratin complex conditioner and let my conditioner sit for a few minutes rinsed and now my hair is silky smooth and is feeling pretty good!! I don't think I'm going to blow dry just to stay away from heat but from what I can tell this did work for me! Thank ya for the tip!

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