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DJ Williamson

I have been getting boils since my brother came home from jail with one on his face. I have at least three a month, and I have cleaned up my diet, scrubbed my skin with Hibiclens soap (which might I add is NOT cheap), and tried the Campho-Phenique and BoilEze. Nothing works, so I discovered the Icthammol ointment, or what the old-timers call 'black tar ointment.' This will bring the boils to a head quicker, but I usually have to go have them lanced open. I have scars ALL over my body,from my face to my ankles, where I have had boils. The only thing that has helped me with the pain is to soak in a hot tub, or, if on an extremity, place a hot compress directly on the boil and keep repeating this until the pain subsides. It won't go all the way away, but it WILL subside somewhat. I have even had the IV antibiotic Vancomycin, and the pill antibiotic Xyvox, and these made them go away for about 2 or 3 months, but they always come back. The doctor said that the Staph infection has set up in my bloodstream, and there is really nothing that can be done to decrease the number of boils I will get, but what I have described is the best course of action. And ALWAYS remember, NEVER SQUEEZE OR TRY TO POP A BOIL...IT WILL ONLY MAKE IT WORSE!!!

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I understand, I am 31 and have had them my entire life. Some are small but most of them are way bigger than a quater. I usually have several at a time and in places where they are constatly being rubbed by something, weather it be my bar or panties. I havent been able to find anything that works other than going to the derm, and haveing them injected with some kind of meds and that becomes very costly after awhile. I wish I had some mirical cure for both of us and all others that have this same problem but...I dont! But I wanted you to know your not alone. As much as this sucks....Im to the point that its part of my life and there is NOTHING I can do about them. Take care and God Bless


So how do you drain or lance a boil without squeezing or pressing it

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