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up at all hours of the night with my distraught fiance, i went through like five pages on here, the house was practically empty, we tried the salt water,nothing. Then we put vinilla extract on a cotton ball and he held it on the tooth it soothed the pain i dont know for how long he ran to bed hoping to fall asleep before the pain returned.. Thank you everyone.. good luck.

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I too have had serious tooth problems, nothing really worked. Even went to the dentist who stated take another round of antibiotics to see if it goes down. I went online to and applied for an application for a credit card, you get approved or denied immediately, you can print it off immediately and go to the dentist and make monthly payments. I was in misery until I had the tooth removed.
It's sad that I have worked 18 yrs for the same company and have no insurance whatsoever. So, if you have decent credit fill it out, it worked for me!! Good luck!!

Tommy is a website that gives people instant credit to see a physician or dentist. They even allow you to find the nearest physician who accepts carecredit cards in your area. It really helps when you don't have the money to go to the dentist.
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