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Just helping out

Hi world listen up I suffered from this bad problem it's name is constipation. Hey its stressful but. This what I did to releave mine I read many articles about it and took advice from the statements that people have gave.And it is simple if we keep up with or life style and changes. Like the last time this problem didn't effect u and things where normal with u r bowel. Get pleanty of rest, but excrise is imporant stop staying up late nites also us 50to75% of fiber in the food u eat such as fruits&veggies. Make chart and keep up on the foods u intake stay away from alot of sugar because it put starch&yeast in the digestive tract. Eat lite meals don't over eat ur self because thats the start of it all. I use the bathroom three time a day and when I get off tract I suffer from poor choices the same for u as well if u dont do what is rite for u ok! If u can afford to go and get u some foods that will help u out such as plums, kiwi, strawberries, cabbage, greens, pinto beans. If u have ti have meats chicken,fish no pork or beef its hard for the body to break down. Drink plenty of water at least 10 8oz glasses of water and juice. Also eat plenty of pasta do not add alot of cheese please it will only block u up again. Hey look its hard to change old habits but for better health it worth it rite! Do not eat alot of greasie foods like fried foods ok. Cerals that has bran in it whole grain so it will absorb the water u drink if u not scared off metmucils drinks or bulk fiber u mix up in water! If u cant drink lots of water fresh put lemonds in it or make kool aid try not to use alot of sugar try this things and let me know how it works for u. I like too see us all healthy we just may need each other in the future. And we all love life and need live it to the fullest but it start with good eating not what u eat make it good ok! May god bless us on our journey to better health ok!!!!

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You can't spell correctly. That's okay, our language is completely inconsistent and quite frankly JACKED UP!.

Dolly mears

To the first commentator; what does his spelling have to do with his good intentions here. C'mon man! Thanks for your kind words and efforts. I agree with all that you have said. I too eat lots of greens, veggies, fruit, and tons of water. My 3 year old son loves to do our 5k hike/trail with his father and I. It's great. Exercise is the biggest key here. So good luck to all with your new outlook on a great healthy life.


what does his spelling have to do with his advice you who compain must know every thing,so why are you looking for advice,genius you must be,thank you for your advice,


Thank you for your comments. There is a lot of research to back up what you say. I have food sensitivities and was told a lot about the effect of yeast on the digestive system.
So, you are right on target and thanks for your caring comments. We all need to pay more attention to our gut.


I am a vegetarian; yet constipation is my constant companion. I drink almost a gallon of water (I know some of you will think I am exaggerating but it's the truth.) Fiber is not an issue with me..I have had to take laxatives all my life in order to have a bowel movement..I have tried everything that has been mention on this site..I eat very little starch for fear it will make matters worse..ANYMORE SUGGESTIONS????

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