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I have a few remedies to share. The first one is drinking one to two cups of coffee (not green tea, as it doesn't contain enough caffeine per cup) and taking two acetamenophin and ibuprofen each. Cold and sinus medicine Is better if you have it. Caffeine in small to medium doses causes better blood circulation in your brain, and with anti-inflammatory or painkilling drugs in your blood, this usually kills the average headache. Also, I have to give props to having an orgasm or sex. Often, this kills off light migraines. The other remedy is only for the more adventurous and open minded, and obviously not for kids. Magic mushrooms or lsd have been proven to completely interrupt migraines if taken within the onset of the migraine (the aura). You don't need to overdo it; a half hit of lsd or a gram of mushrooms will do it. It works, and I'd rather be high all day and useless than writhing in pain and useless.

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poor advice :(


Nothing about his advice is incorrect. Caffeine does speed up the metabolism of the medicines, and dilates blood vessels. Children with high fevers are told to alternate acetaminophen and ibuprofen, and often prescription medicines (and some OTCs, like Excedrin) are combinations. Orgasm releases hormones that relax you and kill pain. However, sex raises your blood pressure, so it can also worsen migraines. It tends to be a case by case scenario as to the effectiveness of sex and orgasm on a migraine. A Newsweek article from 2009, Treating Cluster Headaches with Psychedelic Drugs, supports the LSD statement, although the law certainly doesn't.
The headache you will get from being arrested and thrown into jail is far worse than any you might have otherwise.


This is not a good advise. Coffee is a trigger for migraine. And none of your suggestion is acceptable in pregnancy.


you obviously don't experience true migraines. crappy advice. I hope people don't actually consider any of this. I think you have had one too many hits of lsd.


I totally agree with all that you have written, I have suffered migraines my entire life and the only thing i could disagree with but only in part is the orgasm....for me thhats an excellent way but i do know it can make the migraine worse for some..good advice.


Yes, even my doc recommended caffine. I noticed a couple weeks ago my migraine was terrible. I was absolutely not in the mood but went ahead and had sex anyway. It was torture on my headache until I had an orgasm. When we were finished I was shocked and thought 'Did that really just cure this migraine I have had for days?'


Combining coffee and acetaminophen is toxic to the liver, so you should just take excedrin migraine. It does the same thing.


Best thing for Migraine is watermelon. I tried it and it works perfectly well.


And Excedrin isn't toxic to your liver??? I had to take an aleve or tylenol every other day for 8 years because of my MS medication(mandatory!). My liver enzymes were always screwed up. That was very toxic to my liver but I had no choice. I'm sure if you have a migraine ( as I do) a cup of coffee and a few Tylenol is not going to be that bad as long as its not everyday. Remember not everything is going to work for everyone. Orgasm work for me sometimes.


Shrooms and LSD both increase serotonin, and that's also what Imitrex does, so I'm unsurprised they work to treat headaches! I hope more research is done on this and that governments rethink their drug policies SOON! Psychedelics and entheogens have many wonderful uses, and doctors should be able to prescribe them.

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