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I was so surprised @ how many home remedies came up when I came and looked at this site.. I tried some.. What I found that worked is:
1) brush teeth
2) rinse mouth out w/ mouthwash
3) floss ur teeth w/ orajel on the floss
4) take motrin, asprin, tylenol, or something like that for inflammation
5) Put vanilla extract on the area of where the gums are hurting...

I woke up in the morning and no tooth pain... Best of luck to you..... hope that is works....

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I have been in agony for 3weeks now. My pain comes & goes but its at its worst at night when I'm trying to sleep. Brushing seems to help so I've been doing that about every hour during the night when the pain wakes me up. Orajel on the floss was so logical yet it never occurred to me to me, I tried it but with it came very minimal relief. I then tried the vanilla extract & I got IMMEDIATE relief! Its not completely gone but it is much better & at least tolerable. Thank you so much for your post! I believe I will finally be able to get some sleep tonight!!


For the person wondering what vanilla extract is on the baking isle with the other flavoring usually right beside the spices in walmart. I hope this helps you.


God sent me to this post thank you man god bless


Minor point: Tylenol shouldn't be on that list, because unlike most pain relievers, it has no inflammation-fighting properties. Replace with Advil or Aleve.






Thanks (:


It was late and I had none of the things in my house that others have prescribed other than vanilla extract. I thought I was going to have to drive an hour to an all-night grocery store to get the other items. I didn't have to because the vanilla extract alone killed the pain. I also took some Advil for swelling and pain but the extract took care of the problems way before the Advil could have done anything.


Ima try all that will see which one works.. im so in pains :'(


Vanilla Extract worked great! Sure as heck beat out sucking on little pieces of ice.

I just wish dentistry wasn't so bloody expensive. I paid $5 for somthing a dentist said would cost $1300!!

I'll spend that down the line, but for now, vanilla extract is the best!

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